Potty Training

Potty training was on my mind for a while, I read all there was to read, asked other mums for opinions, everyone said different things, pull ups, no pull ups, cold turkey, nappies at night, it was mind bending!


So we just decided to do it how we felt it should be done, and when we felt like NJ could grasp what was going on, and when we could dedicate ourselves to the inevitable onslaught of poo and wee and the washing machine being on A LOT.


I delegated potty purchasing to the husband, the “Pourty” apparently designed so you can get rid of potty contents easily down the loo, looked good, we got it from Amazon and was £9.95 it had great reviews. We gave it to NJ as a present, we thought it would be exciting, it wasn’t, mostly he kicked it around the room and used it to store dinosaurs….


Fast forward a few months down the line, NJ is two and a half and hes telling me hes done wees and poos although hes quite forthcoming in letting me know hes done one, hes quite happy to sit in his own shit all day, and changing his nappy is like changing a 18 stone wrestler. So more often than not, one of us gets covered in poo, hes kicked me in the face and we both come out of a simple nappy change a bit smelly and upset.


Now NJ isnt a little 2 year old but hes not the biggest ive seen either, it soon became apparent that the pourty was great at pouring poos and wees away, but NJ doing a wee just meant it sprayed across the floor, im talking sprinkler like action like everywhere..see pic below. The front just isnt high enough for toddlers on the larger side, or for boys that are potty training slightly later than others! Now, try explaining to a toddler he needs to point his willy down so the wee doesn’t cover your lounge… it meant that NJ was upset because he felt like he wasn’t doing a good enough job and I was trying to console him and that was ok that he had peed all over the place! if it didn’t spray across the floor it would drip down the sides or get his socks wet.


This is where we are now, cant get rid of the potty as he loves pouring his business down the loo and waving it off down the U-bend, its familiar to him its his potty.. in short we are stuck with the Pourty.. we do have a seat that sits on the big loo but I think its all a bit scary, and he cant eat crackers and watch Paw Patrol whilst sat on it so that’s something that’s going to need to wait.


In short…Pourty would be great for girls or children on the smaller side but for us its big no no from the Jardines, yes you can pour stuff away easily, but who cares, id rather not have a floor covered in wee!


Are other pottys the same? Have you had this experience? Do you have a pourty?


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