Bills, Bills, Bills…

Everyone knows Bills right? It’s like that familiar face in a room of people you don’t know, or the old jumper that you put on at home to chill in comfy and reliable.

Bills is my go to place to eat where I know I can take NJ and 9 times out of ten he will eat what is put in front of him, and I feel like he’s getting something a bit more nutrient dense than a cheese and Ham toastie from Pret. Plus I can have a half decent latte, or cocktail depending on the time of day!

I’m lucky that Horsham is full of places to eat and have coffee, it’s actually bursting with them. Pizza Express, Nando’s, Strada, Prezzo, Wagamama.. and that’s not all of them there are lots of other lovely little independents that we drop into we are spoilt for choice!

Bills however, like I said is like old faithful. I know what’s on offer. I know NJ will eat and I know there won’t be anyone tutting at an unruly toddler using his cutlery as drumsticks. To be honest I’d always choose wags but if I go without the husband he gets very jealous and upset so we don’t go unless he’s with us. Bills stands out because I feel at home there like I’m eating in my own kitchen, maybe it’s the odd chairs and the decor, or maybe it’s just that the food is really quite simple and not fussy.

Their kids menu isn’t any better than others I’ve seen, a starter main and desert and drink for £6.95. Pretty standard in terms of pricing, and what’s on the menu isn’t groundbreaking by any means, cod fish fingers with chips & peas, grilled chicken burger, Cumberland sausages & mash etc you get the picture.. but is wholesome and tastes good, not like it came from the back of a freezer.

They are super patient with kids and god knows they need to be in the Horsham branch! It’s full of mums with buggies and newborns, toddlers and families.

Everyone always greets us with a smile, even when NJ is yelling “hulk smash” at the top of his lungs…and is bouncing off the walls ravenous for lunch or dinner.

They have free wifi so when I’m on the brink of a toddler induced meltdown because NJ is trying to impale himself with a fork, I can give him my phone (yes i know #parentingfail) and he can scroll through kids YouTube happily watching videos of other kids open giant eggs filled with superhero toys (whhhhy though really?!)

We go there when we are stuck, no milk at home in the morning and nothing in for brekki Bills…quiet Friday on my own with NJ not cooked any meals Bills, or out and about on a Saturday need to feed NJ.. Bills.

We went today for lunch, the cupboards at Casa del Jardine were bare. I work 3 days a week, so dinners during the week tend to be whatever I can rustle up, there is no plan, it’s a lottery!
NJ has also given me a vile nursery cold (those that know, well you know) i feel like and look like death warmed up, there was no way i was cooking anything today, Bills for lunch it was.

Surprisingly lunch was uneventful, there were a few rogue chips that got launched across to the room, and a few loud verses of “Daddy Finger Daddy Finger where are you…” but everyone in our direct vicinity was able to eat their lunch on the whole in peace and got out unscathed, me and my clothes emerged ketchup stain free as did NJ, so on the whole i would say LUNCH SUCCESS!!!

So… Bills, easy, child friendly, good food for kids and adults alike, free wifi, seasonal menus, breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you are stuck for somewhere and need to feed your minis Jardines give Bills a big yaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss.

Where is your go to place to eat when you are out and about?

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In a bit


SJ x



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