I am SJ a thirty something mum of toddler human tornado NJ, wife to a Hip Hop loving Gym mad husband also SJ. We live in West Sussex. Everything you need to know about me below


Cake, dogs, lipstick, newspapers, straight hair, music all sorts, period drama, art, poetry, burgers, shoes, galleries, the beach, the cold side of the pillow, Jenny Holzer, tea, long train journeys, camping, robins, eating out, dogs, Tom Hardy, my husbands abs, a bouncy blo, borough market, salt beef sandwiches, biegels, Prossecco, film, notebooks, graffiti, libraries, second hand shops, stationary, clean sheets, bakeries, Frida Kahlo, Pizza, lists, dingy cafes, Milan Kundera, bread, jewellery, Masterchef, hand written notes, Waitrose, the hairdresser, Bruce Nauman, pleases and thank yous, chopped liver, Gibraltar, old books, hand written cards, black, old buildings, my parents house, Sylvia Plath, monochrome, pedicures, delis, markets, the Eurostar, coke zero, hamsters, butter, loud music, Richmond, the airport there is more but i don’t want to bore you.


Tomatoes, dawdlers, the gym, sweating, fruit and meat why?! Flies, public toilets, softplay, the potty, feeding bras, the black bit in the prawn that you need to remove, Oxford street, breast pads, washing up and anything that generally involves cleaning or tidying up, mosquitos, strong tea, dressing rooms, the bits of food that collect in plughole in the sink, capers, thigh chafe, ironing, scraping dirty, plates, thunder and lightning, wasps, bing bunny..just dont get it? Is flop Bings dad? Carer? what?! Gerkins, delays of anything, trains, buses, planes cant handle it. Traffic, baby changing facilities, Parallel parking.. just cant. Anchovies, premature sandal wearing..not in march no absolutely no. loads more but you get the picture!

These opinions are all my own, i am not being paid, for these posts, they are not ads or endorsements. If you are interested in any form of collab please contact me via the contact page…