Not another boring mum blog

There are so many mum blogs out there, like loads.. loads of crap fucking moany self-righteous mumblogs, i’m a young mum blog, my journey through motherhood blog, i’m a fitness mum blog, i’m a vegan gluten-free mum blog, i love matcha and only drink almond milk blog…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Yes i am a mum, not so new NJ is almost 3, I’m youngish, definitely not a fitness mum, or vegan or gluten-free i don’t like Macha, i work part-time, i am married i’m just like all the other mums out there.

I’m always looking for things to do with my family, always looking for inspiration, where to go that will entertain all of us not just NJ, where can we eat that isn’t Pizza Express and kids options aren’t just pasta, and chicken Goujon and beans.

So here you will find, where we go that’s good, that’s a bit shit too, where kids can eat good food not just stuff in breadcrumbs, Breakfast, lunch dinner and all the inbetweeny bits,  stuff we have seen, the good the bad and the ugly, days out, weekends away, holidays, what we bought that we love, liked and not so much. The crap we wasted money on and is currently residing in the cupboard of doom under the stairs, and the stuff we just could not live without.

I can’t promise i wont moan, you might love pizza express, and you might feed your children everything rolled in breadcrumbs, there is nothing wrong with that, NJ has eaten his fair share of breaded delights. You might love a place that i say is a complete shit hole, but you know what, it’s just our experience our opinion. If you think there is somewhere we should go, that we need to see, eat, use tell me no one likes FOMO.

So here we go, welcome to Jardinelife.

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